Record Number of Student-Athletes Named to CACC Spring All-Academic Teams

Record Number of Student-Athletes Named to CACC Spring All-Academic Teams

NEW HAVEN, Conn.  – The Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC) introduced its All-Academic Team for the 2013 Spring athletic season today. A total of 121 student-athletes from the 14 conference schools across five different sports have earned a place on the list, which is 13 more than in 2012.  The 120 Spring student-athletes represents a record number of all-academic team honorees since the conference began sponsoring the program in 2004-2005.

Twenty-six student-athletes were named to the team for the third time in their careers.  Thirty-five others were repeat selections.   Sixty student-athletes earned All-Academic honors for the first time in their careers.  Softball had the most All-Academic selections by sport with 46 overall, while baseball registered 28, women’s lacrosse tallied 23, men’s golf totaled 13 and men’s tennis added 10.

In order to be named to the CACC All-Academic team, recipients must have participated in a CACC-Championship sport in the Spring. They must be at least a sophomore academically and athletically, have been a student-athlete at their current school for at least two semesters, and achieve a cumulative grade-point-average of 3.50 or higher through the spring semester.

The complete list of honorees, separated by sport is below:

2013 CACC Spring All-Academic Team
# - 3-Time Selection
* - 2-Time Selection

Baseball (28)
*Jay Andrews, U. Sciences, Junior, Exercise Science/Wellness Mgmt., 3.868 

*Robert Bennetti, Caldwell, Junior, Social Studies/Secondary Education, 3.56                                 

#Jeff Bohus, Philadelphia U., Senior, Marketing, 3.56  

*Nick Bologna, Post, Junior, Criminal Justice, 3.508

*Joseph Crane, Chestnut Hill, Graduate, Middle Level Education, 3.95

*Stephen Dodd, Caldwell, Junior, Criminal Justice, 3.75                         

Joe El-Bisi, Wilmington, Senior, Criminal Justice, 3.75

James Fallers, Wilmington, Sophomore, Criminal Justice, 3.66

Seamus Finnegan, Chestnut Hill, Sophomore, Accounting, 3.66

Jackson Geary, Post, Junior, Sport Management 3.625

Robert Humes, Caldwell, Sophomore, Accounting, 3.65                           

*Desmond Lites, Jr., Chestnut Hill, Accounting, 3.74

*Nick Marics, Wilmington, Junior, Sports Management, 3.61

*Mike McConnell, Nyack, Senior, Criminal Justice, 3.65

Evan Mitchell, Caldwell, Sophmore, Accounting, 3.68                              

Joseph Mullin, Jr., Chestnut Hill,  International Business, Language, and Culture, 3.53

Jesus Nunez, Post, Junior, Computer Information Systems, 3.548

*Paul Nyitray, Caldwell, Junior, Business Administration, 3.70                             

#Brandon Payne, Wilmington, Senior, Criminal Justice, 3.59

#Thomas Pisano, Caldwell, Junior, Accounting, 3.73                                 

Justin Risko, Wilmington, Senior, Sports Management, 3.78

*Phil Ragusa, Caldwell, Junior, Accounting, 3.60                       

Ryan Shellock, Philadelphia, U., Junior, Management, 3.91

Taylor Steen, Chestnut Hill, Communications, 3.52

*Tom Todaro, Caldwell, Senior, Accounting, 3.58    

*Jamie Treml, Wilmington, Junior, Business Management, 3.62

Jerry Vasto, Felician, Sophomore, Criminal Justice, 3.57

David Velazquez, Concordia, Sophomore, Biology, 3.54 

Softball (46)

*Katherine Aumann, Bloomfield, Junior, Chemistry, 3.735

*Anna Bailey, Nyack, Senior, Youth Ministry, 3.6

#Brooke Berger, Wilmington, Senior, Elementary Education: K-6, 3.94

Anabelle Barinas, Georgian Court, Sophomore, Criminal Justice, 3.52

Chelsea Botsch, Wilmington, Sophomore, Psychology, 3.77

*Tori Bradburn, Felician, Junior, Criminal Justice, 3.81

#Laura Brezovsky, Concordia, Senior, Social Sciences, 3.95

#Taylor Brown, Nyack, Senior, Accounting, 3.95

Kelsi Bunda, Holy Family, Sophomore, Nursing, 3.70

Macy Chase, Felician, Sophomore, Philosophy, 3.97

#Delaney Childers, Dominican, Senior, Biology, 3.71

*Lindsey Ciresa, Bloomfield, Senior, Education, 3.594

#Ashton Corley, Bloomfield, Senior, Psychology, 3.879

*Kacie DeMaio , Philadelphia U., Senior, Interior Design, 3.59

Joelle Erickson, Felician, Sophomore, Psychology, 3.77

Katie Helflin, Felician, Sophomore, Psychology, 3.88

Jacklyn Bates, Caldwell, Junior, Communications, 3.58                            

Alyssa Calderon, Caldwell, Sophomore, Psychology, 3.62                       

Austyn Grim, U. Sciences, Sophomore, Pharmacy, 3.684

Briana Gaspich, Caldwell, Sophomore, Criminal Justice/Psychology, 3.92                         

Brandi Hoffman, Bloomfield, Senior, Criminal Justice, 3.616

Alexa Houston, Goldey-Beacom, Sophomore, Health Care Mangement, 3.8978

#Lindsey Iden, Holy Family, Senior, Communications, 3.78

#Kerrianne Jones, U. Sciences, Senior, Physical Therapy, 3.814

#Haley Kavelak, U. Sciences, Senior, Pharmacy, 3.692

Kristen Knorr, Caldwell, Sophomore, Biology, 3.61

*Kelsi Ludwigsen, Felician, Junior, Biology, 3.81

#Lianna May, Post, Senior, Business Administration, 3.762

Danielle McDevitt, Holy Family, Senior, Elementary/Secondary Education, 3.58

Alyssa Paradiso, Georgian Court, Sophomore, 3.68

Taylor Parker, Felician, Sophomore, Business Administration, 3.75

#Julie Plante, Dominican, Senior, Social Science, 3.85

Natlie Quintanilla, Felician, Sophomore, Pre-Medical, 3.52

Lindsey Regan, U. Sciences, Sophomore, Physical Therapy, 3.811

*Samantha Riabko, Philadelphia, U., Junior, Finance, 3.63

#Johanna Rice, Post, Senior, Accounting, 3.662

Mandi Rush, Chestnut Hill, Senior, History, 3.83

#Courtney Spina, U. Sciences, Senior, Pharmacy, 3.699

Shelby Thompson, Wilmington, Senior, Psychology, 3.64

Christina Udris, Post, Junior, Early Childhood Education, 3.678

*Halei Van Dyke, Felician, Junior, Elem. Ed./History, 3.87

#Katie Warrington, Wilmington, Senior, Sports Management, 3.99

#Veronica Wilenta, Chestnut Hill, Senior, Elementary Education, 3.69             

*Ashleigh Williams, Bloomfield, Senior, Criminal Justice, 3.529

Kourtney Wilson, Caldwell, Senior, Spanish/Elementary Education, 3.52                         

Sara Zambelli, Caldwell, Sophomore, English/Secondary Education, 3.95 

Men’s Tennis (10)

#Paul Bedway, U. Sciences, Senior, Pharmacy, 3.767

Michael Beeson, Bloomfield, Senior, History.  GPA:  3.963

Andrey Boldarev, Concordia, Senior, Business Administration, 3.50

#Joshua Garcia, U. Sciences, Senior, Pharmacy, 3.538

#Steven Hobart, Bloomfield, Men's Tennis, Senior, Psychology.  GPA:  3.575

Benas Majauskas, Concordia, Sophomore, Business Administration, 3.87

*Ceran Messam, Bloomfield, Men's Tennis, Junior, Biochemistry/Mathematics.  GPA:  3.602

Nail Rachidi, Philadelphia U., Sophomore, Engineering,  3.61     

*James Stark, Caldwell, Junior, Business Administration, 3.94                               

*David Tisserand, Concordia, Senior, Business Administration, 3.68 

Women’s Lacrosse (23)

*Rachel Burley, Wilmington, Junior, Computer & Network Security 3.79

*Kelly Campbell, Chestnut Hill, Junior,  Early Education, 3.91

Caitlin Carrezola, Holy Family, Sophomore, Nursing, 3.72

#Elizabeth Case, Wilmington, Graduate, M.S. Administration of Justice – Criminal Behavior, 3.83

#Corinne Coyle, Georgian Court, Senior, Exercise Science, 3.72

#Rebecca Cox, Philadelphia, U., Senior, Graphic Design Communication, 3.70      

*Carli DiCioccio, Philadelphia U., Junior, Health Sciences, 3.64      

Emily Gialanella, Georgian Court, Sophomore, Graphic Design, 3.95

Lauren Hartman, Philadelphia U., Sophomore, Health Sciences, 3.59

Alison Kern, Wilmington, Junior, Elementary Education: K-6, 3.68

Brianna Lancetta, Holy Family, Sophomore, Nursing, 3.64

#Maria Mattioli, Holy Family, Senior, Nursing, 3.64

*Molly McCourt, Georgian Court, Junior, English Ed., 3.83

*Caitlin Murray, Dominican, Junior, Elementary Education, 3.61

Emily Murray, Dominican, Sophomore, Education, 3.55

Miranda Polaski, Post, Sophomore, Biology, 3.986

Brittany Rhodes, Wilmington, Senior, Behavioral Science, 3.54

*Olivia Rotunno, Georgian Court, Senior, Communications, 3.66

Elizabeth Schmidt, Dominican, Senior, Athletic Training, 3.53

Allison Smithwick, Dominican, Sophomore, Special Education, 3.66

Kerry Stader, Georgian Court, Sophomore, Exercise Science, 3.50

*Melissa Styer, Philadelphia U., Junior, Architecture, 3.81

Brina Yanez, Post, Sophomore, Business Administration, 3.667

Men’s Golf (14)

Andreas Aranguren, Nyack, Sophomore, Computer Science, 3.81

*Anthony Bizien, Felician, Senior, History/Philosophy, 3.93

#Jonathan Burns, Holy Family, Senior, International Business, 3.58

*Samuel Deitte, Concordia, Junior, Business Administration, 3.70

Eddie DiRugeris, Philadelphia U., Senior, Finance, 3.65

*Ross Earnshaw, Post, Junior, Sport Management, 3.674

Kevin Gibbs, Philadelphia, U., Senior, Mechanical Engineering, 3.77

*Justin Lesko , Goldey-Beacom, Junior, Accounting, 3.6477

William Loughlin, Holy Family, Sophomore, Undeclared, 3.65

#Joseph Mauro, U. Sciences, Senior, Pharmacy, 3.539

#Thomas Rees, Post, Senior, Accounting, 3.60

Matthew Scheeper, Goldey-Beacom, Sophomore, Accounting, 3.7869

Jerry Temple, Wilmington, Junior, Accounting, 3.53

Chris Zito, Felician, Junior, Biology, 3.73

The Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference is an NCAA Division II Conference composed of 14 institutions in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The member institutions are Bloomfield College, Caldwell College, Chestnut Hill College, Concordia (N.Y.) College, Dominican (N.Y.) College, Felician College, Georgian Court University, Goldey-Beacom College, Holy Family University, Nyack College, Philadelphia University, Post University, University of the Sciences and Wilmington University.