CACC Announces Fall 2013 All-Academic Teams

CACC Announces Fall 2013 All-Academic Teams

NEW HAVEN, Conn. -  The Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC) introduced its All-Academic Team for the 2013-14 Fall athletic season today. A total of 185 student-athletes from the 14 conference schools across six different sports have earned a place on the list. The announcement was made by Commissioner Daniel Mara of Waterbury.

Thirty-two student-athletes were named to the team for the third time in their careers while 50 others appear as repeat selections. Women’s soccer tallied the most All-Academic selections by sport with 61 overall, while volleyball registered 40, women’s cross country recorded 30, men’s soccer had 25, women’s tennis totaled 17 and men’s cross country added 12.

In order to be named to the CACC All-Academic team, recipients must have participated in a CACC-Championship sport in the fall. They must be at least a sophomore academically and athletically, have been a student-athlete at their current school for at least two semesters, and achieve a cumulative grade-point-average of 3.50 or higher through the spring semester.

** Two-Time Selection
* Two-Time Selection 

Men's Cross Country (12)      
Name Yr. School Major GPA
Martin Miedzowicz** Sr. Concordia Business Administration 3.77
Andrey Boldarev Sr. Concordia Business Administration 3.51
Jabari Chambers** Sr. Goldey-Beacom Organization Psychology 3.79
Aaron Easter So. Goldey-Beacom Criminal Justice 3.65
Stewart Reich Sr. Goldey-Beacom Accounting 3.53
Louise Simone So. Holy Family Undecided 3.53
Zachary Garman** Sr. Philadelphia Architecture 3.81
Eric Lacy* Jr. Philadelphia Graphic Design 3.87
Kurt Palumbo* Jr. Philadelphia Health Sciences 3.92
Christopher Noce So. USciences Pharmacy 3.50
Tommy Mauro So. USciences Physical Therapy 3.76
Jesus Amezquita So. Wilmington Business Management 3.63
Women's Cross Country (30)
Name Yr. School Major GPA
Toni Coleman Sr. Bloomfield Chemistry 3.51
Dayana Zeballos* Jr. Caldwell Accounting  3.97
Jessica Marco So. Caldwell Art/Psychology 3.57
Paola Moran So. Caldwell Management  3.59
Gina Davidson* Sr. Chestnut Hill Criminal Justice (Sociology) 3.50
Allison Eberly Sr. Chestnut Hill Chemistry/Molecular Biology 3.81
Arafat Omidiran* Jr. Concordia Health Studies 3.88
Yuliya Plevako Sr. Concordia Business Adminstration 3.87
Renee Roncace Jr. Dominican Early Childhood Education 3.70
Lianne Rossi* Jr. Felician Nursing 3.51
Isalin Howard* Jr. Georgian Court Accounting  3.66
Megan Kelly Jr. Georgian Court English 3.75
Laura Amdur So. Georgian Court Nursing 3.63
Jamie Hand So. Georgian Court Exercise Science 3.52
Alexandria Graziosi So. Georgian Court English 3.79
Carly Mitchell* Sr.  Goldey-Beacom Accounting  3.65
Michelle Schiewe Jr. Nyack Communication 3.67
Sabrina White So. Nyack Communication 3.92
Chelsea Attaway** Sr. Philadelphia Fashion Design 3.60
Christina Wetzel** Sr. Philadelphia Management 3.82
Taylor Falvey* Jr. Philadelphia Health Sciences 3.96
Emilie Barton So. Philadelphia Chemistry 3.53
Clarissa Kelsey So. Philadelphia Architecture 3.59
Alyssa Litty So. Philadelphia Health Sciences 3.95
Jennifer O'Laughlin* Jr. USciences Pharmacy 3.85
Melissa Humble Jr. USciences Pharmacy 3.53
Brianna Ligotski So. USciences Physical Therapy 3.72
Allison Kmetz So. USciences Exercise Science/Kinesiology 3.92
Penelope Fantis Gr. Wilmington MS Healthcare Adminstration 3.50
Sarabeth Oppermann** Sr. Wilmington Behavioral Science 3.72
Men's Soccer (25)
Name Yr. School Major GPA
Michael Hartmann So. Caldwell Biology 3.51
Evan Marques So. Caldwell Business Administration 3.60
Andrews Barros So. Caldwell Economics 3.69
Santiago Benites So. Caldwell Business Administration 3.69
Colin Boyle* Jr. Chestnut Hill History/Secondary Education 3.68
Robert Stocklin* Sr. Chestnut Hill Psychology (Management) 3.60
Nicholas Gonzalez* Jr. Concordia Liberal Studies  3.91
Stephen Cunningham Sr. Concordia Business Administration 3.86
Courtney Cunningham Sr. Concordia Biology 3.53
Cody Malosiecki Jr. Dominican Criminal Justice 3.72
Lukas Nordin So. Dominican Business Management 3.74
Alex Jean Jr. Felician Business Administration 3.70
Daniel Wroblewski Sr. Felician Accounting 3.82
Ben Vergara Jr. Georgian Court Business  3.68
Andre Jank**' Sr.  Goldey-Beacom Business Administration 3.70
Kevin Pohl So. Holy Family Undecided 3.70
Felix Horn** Gr. Nyack MBA 4.00
Marko Likos Gr. Nyack MBA 4.00
Alex Schmidt* Gr. Nyack MBA 4.00
Jakob Schwantz* Jr. Nyack Criminal Justice 3.78
Kyle Ferrier** Sr. Philadelphia Architecture 3.74
Neil Kwiatkowski Jr. Philadelphia Industrial Design 3.52
Domenic Colletti So. Philadelphia Undecided 3.50
Raphael Moura So. Post Business Administration 3.82
Chad Jenkins Jr. Wilmington Business Management 3.53
Women's Soccer (61)
Name Yr. School Major GPA
Danielle Andreas* Jr. Bloomfield Accounting 3.80

Nicole Paparella*

Jr. Bloomfield

Early Childhood/Special Education

Julie Crankshaw* Sr. Caldwell Accounting 3.52
Sarina Soriano So. Caldwell Communications 3.54
Emily Boehler* Jr. Caldwell Education 3.55
Ashlee Paknis* Jr. Caldwell Biology 3.70
Kelly Folk So. Caldwell Special Education 3.78
Lauren Iuliucci* Jr. Caldwell Mathematics 3.80
Leanna Ashcorm Jr. Chestnut Hill Early Education (Special Education) 3.90
Brittany Boles** Sr. Chestnut Hill Early Education (Special Education) 3.92
Alexis LeDonne Jr. Chestnut Hill Mathematics/Secondary Education 3.51
Stephanie Litty* Sr. Chestnut Hill Elementary & Midlevel Education 3.69
Melissa Marotta* Jr. Chestnut Hill Business Administration (Mathematics) 3.80
Marykate McShane** Sr. Chestnut Hill Human Services/Spanish (Sociology) 4.00
Rebecka Rosell So. Chestnut Hill Global Affairs  3.60
Dakota Sheehan Jr. Chestnut Hill Criminal Justice/Psychology 3.56
Mary Veach* Sr. Chestnut Hill Mathematics 3.74
Courtney Weidner So. Chestnut Hill Political Science 3.70
Katherine Williams* Jr. Chestnut Hill Criminal Justice (Sociology) 3.88
Jennifer Forlini So. Concordia Nursing 3.73
Olivia Antonopoulos* Sr. Dominican Adolescent Education/ English 3.57
Lisa Friscia* Sr. Dominican Criminal Justice 3.55
Jamie McGinn So. Dominican Physical Therapy 3.66
Mackenzie Riley Jr. Dominican Communications 3.50
Alysia Arcona** Sr. Felician Elementary Education/English 3.97
Christie Calandrillo* Jr. Felician Psychology 4.00
Erica Evans So. Felician Psychology 3.85
Jordan Farley Jr. Felician Elementary Education 3.59
Macki Groves So. Felician Pre-Physician Assistant 3.95
Kirsten Mortelliti* Jr. Felician Mathematics 3.66
Marissa Nieves So. Felician Nursing 3.90
Samantha Petosa* Jr. Felician Biology 3.95
JoJo Pisani* Sr. Felician Nursing 3.54
Julia Sheridan So. Felician Accounting 3.93
Kristen Toropiw* Jr. Felician Nursing 3.60
Kerry Ann Strohmeier* Jr.  Georgian Court Accounting 3.57
Elizabeth Lawler Sr. Georgian Court English 3.87
Jamie Smith Jr. Georgian Court Undecided 3.91
Alexandra Smith* Jr. Goldey-Beacom Marketing Management 3.86
Danielle Scott* Sr. Goldey-Beacom Sports Management 3.76
Tess Beukers Sr. Goldey-Beacom Marketing Management 3.51
Lisa Abramski So. Holy Family Medical Technology 3.89
Jenna Richards So. Holy Family Undecided 3.87
Sandy Garcia Sr. Nyack Psychology 3.74
Amanda Halter* Sr. Nyack Education 3.80
Cyan Jean-Baptiste So. Nyack Biology 3.59
Danielle Page So. Nyack Education 3.81
Michaela VanAntwerp* Jr. Philadelphia Health Sciences 3.62
Meagan Yates Jr. Philadelphia Psychology 3.50
Danielle Warfel* Jr. Philadelphia Health Sciences 3.73
Courtney Shaw So. Philadelphia Health Sciences 3.62
Sarah VanBuskirk So. Philadelphia Business 3.73
Angela Ferro So. Philadelphia Health Sciences 3.98
Brianne Scott So. Post Legal Studies 3.90
Gabrielle Verrilli** Sr. Post Biology 3.82
Alja Poklar So. Post Business 3.76
Brina Yanez* Jr. Post Business 3.70
Grace McConnell** Sr. Post Sports Psychology 3.64
Rachel Burley** Sr. Wilmington Computer & Network Security 4.00
Jordanne Hoeslie-Atkins* Sr. Wilmington Sports Management 3.79
Ashley Kroll Jr. Wilmington Elementary Education: K-6 3.50
Volleyball (40)
Name Yr. School Major GPA
Katie Aumann* Jr. Bloomfield Biochemistry 3.77
Erica Harrell* Jr. Caldwell Mathematics 3.88
Kelsey Blankerts So. Caldwell Criminal Justice 3.64
Deanna Bianchini So. Chestnut Hill Molecular Biology 3.88
Allison Eberly** Sr. Chestnut Hill Chemistry/Molecular Biology 3.81
Kaitlyn Schock* Jr. Chestnut Hill Psychology 3.60
Leina Braga Jr. Concordia Business Administration 3.89
Brittany Chappas** Sr. Concordia Childhood Education 3.78
Hillary Hoffman** Sr. Concordia Nursing 3.55
Victoria Dexter So. Dominican Athletic Training 3.60
Amanda Hallstein So. Dominican Education 3.55
Olivia Emerson So. Felician Biology 3.79
Sarah Shebel So. Felician Healthcare Administration 3.70
Francheska Cedres* Jr. Georgian Court Accounting 3.72
Jaslene Lopez* Jr. Georgian Court Sociology 3.89
Niki Receveur* Jr. Goldey-Beacom Finanace Management  3.82
Taylor Moyer* Jr. Goldey-Beacom Marketing Management 3.68
Sarah Ambach** Sr. Holy Family Business Management- Marketing  3.95
Devyn Ingram Jr. Holy Family Psychobiology 3.54
Chelsea Keegan** Sr. Holy Family Biology 3.62
Annah Aguilar So. Nyack Education 3.52
Brianna Kane** Sr. Nyack Education 3.53
Christina Law Jr. Nyack Business 3.74
Michelle Makela** Gr. Nyack M.A. Intercultural Studies 4.00
Deborah Schendel* Sr. Nyack English 3.95
Heather Martin** Sr. Philadelphia Architecture 3.71
Brittany Olson** Sr. Philadelphia Graphic Design Communication 3.82
Terra Ecker* Jr. Philadelphia Business Administration 3.81
Lauren Elliot* Jr. Philadelphia Industrial Design 3.81
Allison Manley So. Philadelphia Pre-Med Studies 3.75
Nina Morvin So. Philadelphia Biochemistry 3.85
Julia Slyaktina Jr. Post Accounting 3.68
Diana Solomon** Sr. USciences Pharmacy 3.61
Caitlyn Crawford So. USciences Pharmacy 3.70
Brittany Biddle** Sr. Wilmington Elementary Education: K-6 4.00
Kaitlin DiGiacinto So. Wilmington Behavioral Science 3.98
Annie Scarfo** Sr. Wilmington Psychology 3.96
Katie Shorter** Sr. Wilmington Criminal Justice 3.78
Nicole Shuba So. Wilmington Midlevel Education: 6-8 3.80
Alex Siolos So. Wilmington Sports Management 3.54
Women's Tennis (17)
Name Yr. School Major GPA
Emily Slater  So. Caldwell Accounting  3.98
Kelly Dennis** Sr. Chestnut Hill Accounting (Spanish) 3.75
Iman Williams-Mulesa So. Chestnut Hill Business Administration 3.82
Nicole Stuhr So. Concordia Biology 4.00
Gabriela Chaves Sr. Goldey-Beacom International Business 3.88
Filipa Correia* Jr. Goldey-Beacom International Business 3.56
Stephanie Puentes Robinson* Jr. Goldey-Beacom Sports Management 3.61
Casey Borish Jr. Holy Family Sports Management- Marketing 4.00
Steicy Castro Nino** Sr. Holy Family Management- Marketing 3.73
Alina Nersesyan So. Holy Family Biology 3.93
Maja Pantelic** Sr. Holy Family Accounting- Finance 3.97
Isabela Espinosa** Sr. Philadelphia Marketing 3.69
Elizabeth Verbits** Sr. Philadelphia Fashion Industry Management 3.76
Sylvia Bennicelli* Jr. Philadelphia Fashion Design 3.57
Lauren Gelati Jr. Post Marketing 3.62
Tea Cadenovic** Sr. USciences Pharmacy 3.79
Melissa White* Jr. USciences Pharmacy 3.69
* Two-Time Selection        
** Three-Time Selection