155 Student-Athletes Named to CACC Spring All-Academic Team

155 Student-Athletes Named to CACC Spring All-Academic Team

NEW HAVEN, Conn.  – The Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC) introduced its All-Academic Team for the 2014 Spring athletic season today. A total of 155 student-athletes from the 14 conference schools across six different sports have earned a place on the list, which is 34 more than in 2013.  The 155 Spring student-athletes represents a record number of all-academic team honorees since the conference began sponsoring the program in 2004-2005.  The average grade point average for the student-athletes that qualified for the list was 3.70. The announcement was made by CACC Commissioner Daniel Mara.

Twenty-five student-athletes were named to the team for the third time in their careers.  Thirty-four others were repeat selections.   Ninety-six student-athletes earned All-Academic honors for the first time.  Softball had the most All-Academic selections by sport with 50 overall, while baseball registered 37, women’s lacrosse tallied 29, women’s track and field followed with 22, men’s golf totaled 10 and men’s tennis added 7.

In order to be named to the CACC All-Academic team, recipients must have participated in a CACC-Championship sport in the Spring. They must be at least a sophomore academically and athletically, have been a student-athlete at their current school for at least two semesters, and achieve a cumulative grade-point-average of 3.50 or higher through the spring semester.

The Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference is an NCAA Division II Conference composed of 14 institutions in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The member institutions are Bloomfield College, Caldwell College, Chestnut Hill College, Concordia (N.Y.) College, Dominican (N.Y.) College, Felician College, Georgian Court University, Goldey-Beacom College, Holy Family University, Nyack College, Philadelphia University, Post University of Waterbury, University of the Sciences and Wilmington University.

The complete list of honorees, separated by institution is below:

2014 CACC Spring All-Academic Team
# - 3-Time Selection
* - 2-Time Selection

Institution Sport Student-Athlete   Year Major GPA
Bloomfield Baseball Justin Eclavea   Junior Business 3.80
Bloomfield Baseball Blas Polanco   Junior Sociology 3.63
Bloomfield Baseball Kyle Murzyn   Sophomore Accounting 3.91
Bloomfield Men's Tennis Ceran Messam # Senior Bio Chemistry 3.65
Bloomfield Softball Angie Yoshizu   Senior Biology 3.57
Bloomfield Softball Katie Aumann # Senior Bio Chemistry 3.80
Bloomfield Softball Kelly Stites   Junior Communications 3.68
Bloomfield Softball Toni Coleman   Senior Sociology 3.54
Caldwell Baseball Paul Nyitray # Senior Business Administration 3.77
Caldwell Baseball Philip Ragusa # Graduate MBA, Accounting 3.66
Caldwell Baseball Robert Bennetti # Senior Social Studies/Secondary Education 3.53
Caldwell Baseball Robert Humes * Junior Accounting 3.67
Caldwell Baseball Stephen Dodd # Senior Criminal Justice 3.80
Caldwell Baseball Thomas Pisano # Senior Accounting 3.71
Caldwell Men's Tennis James Stark # Senior Marketing 3.94
Caldwell Softball Alyssa Calderon * Junior Psychology 3.70
Caldwell Softball Jacklyn Bates * Senior Communication Arts 3.60
Caldwell Softball Kristen Knorr * Junior Biology 3.66
Caldwell Softball Rachel Berzak   Sophomore Psychology 3.82
Caldwell Softball Sara Zambelli * Junior English/Elementary Education 3.96
Caldwell Women's Track & Field Dayana Zeballos   Junior Accounting and Financial Economics 3.96
Caldwell Women's Track & Field Erica Harrell   Junior Mathematics 3.90
Caldwell Women's Track & Field Jessica Marco   Sophomore Psychology/Art Therapy 3.61
Caldwell Women's Track & Field Jessica Miller   Senior Psychology 3.69
Caldwell Women's Track & Field Paola Moran   Sophomore Business Administration 3.69
Chestnut Hill Baseball Desmond Lites # Senior Accounting 3.80
Chestnut Hill Baseball Joseph Mullin * Senior International Business, Language, and Culture 3.60
Chestnut Hill Baseball Patrick Campion   Sophomore Management (Mathematics) 3.55
Chestnut Hill Baseball Seamus Finnegan * Senior Accounting (Mathematics) 3.64
Chestnut Hill Baseball Taylor Steen * Junior Communications 3.56
Chestnut Hill Baseball Zachary Crim   Sophomore Biology 3.67
Chestnut Hill Men's Tennis Yoann Pham   Senior International Business, Language, and Culture 3.55
Chestnut Hill Softball Allie Williams   Sophomore Psychology 3.85
Chestnut Hill Softball Courtney Dayter   Sophomore Digital Forensics 3.94
Chestnut Hill Softball Megan Kehr   Sophomore Criminal Justice 3.81
Chestnut Hill Softball Nicole Carney   Sophomore Communications (Political Science) 3.84
Chestnut Hill Women's Lacrosse Courtney Weidner   Sophomore Political Science 3.73
Chestnut Hill Women's Lacrosse KarlaAne Klouda   Senior Communications (Spanish) 3.53
Chestnut Hill Women's Lacrosse Kelly Campbell # Senior Early Education - PreK-4 (Special Education) 3.92
Concordia Men's Golf Samuel Deitte # Senior Business Administration 3.71
Concordia Men's Tennis Benas Majauskas * Junior Business Administration 3.86
Concordia Softball Alexa Lavalle   Sophomore Social Sciences 3.97
Concordia Softball Hannah Rubasky   Sophomore Biology 3.88
Concordia Softball Kelsey Ruggirello   Sophomore Education 3.50
Dominican Men's Golf Brian McGuigan   Sophomore Biology 3.58
Dominican Softball Kimberly Ragazzo   Sophomore Occupational Therapy 3.68
Dominican Women's Lacrosse Allison Smithwick * Junior Special Education 3.70
Dominican Women's Lacrosse Caitlin Murray # Senior Elementary Education 3.60
Dominican Women's Lacrosse Emily Murray * Junior Education 3.58
Dominican Women's Lacrosse Olivia Antonopoulos   Senior Elementary Education 3.54
Dominican Women's Track & Field Brittany Austin   Junior Early Childhood Education 3.69
Dominican Women's Track & Field Renee Roncace   Junior Early Childhood Education 3.65
Felician Baseball Jerry Vasto * Junior Business Administration 3.54
Felician Baseball Joe Petosa   Senior Accounting 3.79
Felician Baseball Scott De Jong   Sophomore Criminal Justice 3.50
Felician Men's Golf Chris Zito * Senior Biology 3.79
Felician Men's Golf Kevin Berdnik   Sophomore Criminal Justice 3.87
Felician Softball Halei Van Dyke # Senior Elem. Ed./History 3.90
Felician Softball Katie Heflin * Junior Psychology 3.72
Felician Softball Kelsi Ludwigsen # Senior Biology 3.76
Felician Softball Macy Chase * Junior Philosophy 3.98
Felician Softball Natalie Quintanilla * Junior Pre-Medical 3.53
Felician Softball Taylor Parker * Junior Business Administration 3.69
Felician Softball Tori Bradburn # Senior Criminal Justice 3.78
Georgian Court Softball Alyssa Paradiso * Junior Biology 3.55
Georgian Court Softball Briana Molino   Senior Psychology 3.69
Georgian Court Softball Emma Erbig   Senior Social Work 3.60
Georgian Court Softball Tina Morgan   Senior Biology 3.72
Georgian Court Women's Lacrosse Emily Gialanella * Junior Graphic Design 3.91
Georgian Court Women's Lacrosse Katelyn Murphy   Junior Exercise Science 3.83
Georgian Court Women's Lacrosse Kerry Stader * Junior Exercise Science 3.50
Georgian Court Women's Lacrosse Molly McCourt # Senior English/Ed. 3.78
Georgian Court Women's Track & Field Alexandria Graziosi   Sophomore English 3.83
Georgian Court Women's Track & Field Amy Berry   Senior Exercise Science 3.53
Georgian Court Women's Track & Field Isalin Howard   Senior Accounting 3.70
Georgian Court Women's Track & Field Laura Amdur   Sophomore Nursing 3.67
Georgian Court Women's Track & Field Mariah Cifaldi   Sophomore Elementary Education 3.92
Georgian Court Women's Track & Field Megan Kelly   Junior English 3.78
Goldey-Beacom Men's Golf Justin Lesko # Senior Accounting 3.61
Goldey-Beacom Men's Golf Matthew Scheeper * Junior Accounting 3.55
Holy Family Softball Claudia Boggi   Sophomore Nursing 3.68
Holy Family Softball Danielle McDevitt * Graduate Special Education Advanced Practice 3.91
Holy Family Softball Kristine Casey   Sophomore Criminal Justice 3.82
Holy Family Women's Track & Field Rachel Dillinger   Senior Psychobiology 3.82
Nyack Women's Lacrosse Lauren Lebo   Sophomore Nursing 4.00
Nyack Women's Lacrosse Danielle Page   Sophomore Education 3.87
Nyack Baseball Mathias Westfall   Senior Business 3.52
Nyack Softball Anna Bailey # Graduate Biblical Literature 3.97
Nyack Softball Kathleen McClain   Senior Social Work 3.52
Philadelphia U. Baseball Lou Karcanes   Senior Business 3.55
Philadelphia U. Baseball Ryan Shellock * Senior Management 3.84
Philadelphia U. Men's Golf Daniel Carpenter   Sophomore Business 3.97
Philadelphia U. Men's Tennis Ayman Barakat   Senior Business 3.82
Philadelphia U. Men's Tennis Nail Rachidi * Junior Engineering 3.54
Philadelphia U. Softball Emma Haley   Junior Landscape Architecture 3.56
Philadelphia U. Softball Kasia Smith   Sophomore Health Sciences 3.80
Philadelphia U. Softball Mollie Burrell   Sophomore Health Sciences 3.80
Philadelphia U. Softball Renee Kakareka   Sophomore Architecture 3.69
Philadelphia U. Softball

Samantha Corey

  Sophomore Fashion Design 3.67
Philadelphia U. Softball Samantha Riabko # Senior Finance 3.64
Philadelphia U. Women's Lacrosse Allison Brian   Junior Health Sciences 3.64
Philadelphia U. Women's Lacrosse Allison Zappulla   Senior Biochemistry 3.58
Philadelphia U. Women's Lacrosse Felicia Branagan   Sophomore Landscape Architecture 3.60
Philadelphia U. Women's Lacrosse Kristen Blye   Graduate MBA 3.67
Philadelphia U. Women's Lacrosse Lauren Hartman * Junior Health Sciences 3.58
Philadelphia U. Women's Lacrosse Libby Nichols   Senior Pre-Med Studies 3.91
Philadelphia U. Women's Lacrosse Melissa Styer # Senior Architecture 3.84
Philadelphia U. Women's Lacrosse Rebecca Baker   Senior Graphic Design Communication 3.53
Philadelphia U. Women's Track & Field Alyssa Litty   Sophomore Health Sciences 3.95
Philadelphia U. Women's Track & Field Chelsea Attaway   Senior Fashion Design 3.58
Philadelphia U. Women's Track & Field Christina Wetzel   Senior Business 3.83
Philadelphia U. Women's Track & Field Clarissa Kelsey   Sophomore Architecture 3.62
Philadelphia U. Women's Track & Field Courtney Lafferty   Sophomore Architecture 3.72
Philadelphia U. Women's Track & Field Emilie Barton   Sophomore Business 3.51
Philadelphia U. Women's Track & Field Taylor Falvey   Junior Health Sciences 3.97
Post Baseball Alex Beland   Senior Business Administration 3.56
Post Baseball Ian Ratchford   Senior Legal Studies 3.52
Post Baseball Jackson Geary * Graduate MBA 3.54
Post Baseball Jesus Nunez * Senior Computer Information Systems 3.52
Post Baseball Julien Casaubon   Senior Accounting 3.71
Post Men's Golf Patrick Hartnett   Sophomore Marketing 3.53
Post Men's Golf Ross Earnshaw # Senior Sport Management 3.66
Post Softball Christina Udris * Senior Early Childhood Education 3.65
Post Softball Kaitlin Iacomini   Sophomore Psychology 3.69
Post Women's Lacrosse Jasana Levy   Sophomore Legal Studies 3.55
Post Women's Lacrosse Kathy Walker   Senior Sport Management 3.88
Post Women's Lacrosse Miranda Polaski * Junior Biology 3.99
Post Women's Track & Field Brina Yanez * Junior Psychology 3.65
USciences Baseball Jay Andrews # Senior Exercise Sciences/Wellness Mgmt 3.89
USciences Baseball Michael Janas   Sophomore Physical Therapy 3.51
USciences Men's Tennis Will Metz   Senior Physical Therapy 3.51
USciences Softball Austyn Grim * Junior Pharmacy 3.61
USciences Softball Katie Dickson   Sophomore Physical Therapy 3.79
USciences Softball Lindsay Regan * Junior Physical Therapy 3.81
USciences Softball Samantha Shaver   Senior Physical Therapy 3.60
USciences Softball Stephanie Fultano   Sophomore Exercise Sciences/Wellness Mgmt 3.81
Wilmington Baseball Chris Lopez   Sophomore Sports Management 3.64
Wilmington Baseball Jamie Treml # Junior Business Management 3.66
Wilmington Baseball Jay Kluka   Junior Criminal Justice 3.59
Wilmington Baseball Josh Swirchak   Junior Sports Management 3.57
Wilmington Baseball Mike Annone   Sophomore Sports Management 3.85
Wilmington Baseball Nick Marics # Senior Sports Management 3.60
Wilmington Baseball Peter Monahan   Sophomore Accounting & Finance 3.72
Wilmington Baseball Ryan Douglas   Junior Criminal Justice 3.73
Wilmington Baseball Sam Goines   Junior Business Finance 3.81
Wilmington Men's Golf Andreas Lunding   Sophomore Business Management 3.57
Wilmington Softball Ashley Bennett   Sophomore Mid-Level Education: 6-8 3.52
Wilmington Softball Chelsea Botsch * Junior Psychology 3.51
Wilmington Softball Kelsey Doherty   Junior Elementary Education: K-6 3.85
Wilmington Softball Miranda Pedersen   Sophomore Communications 3.57
Wilmington Women's Lacrosse Ali Kern * Senior Elementary Education: K-6 3.70
Wilmington Women's Lacrosse Ashley Kroll   Junior Elementary Education: K-6 3.52
Wilmington Women's Lacrosse Brittany Rhodes   Senior General Studies 3.53
Wilmington Women's Lacrosse Penelope Fantis   Graduate MBA Health Care Administration 3.59
Wilmington Women's Lacrosse Rachel Burley # Graduate MS Homeland Security 4.00
* = Two-Time Honoree          
# = Three-Time Nominee