Name: Rashidi Aikens  

School: Nyack College

Position: Strength and Conditioning Coach, Fitness Center Manager, Assistant Women's Basketball Coach, Assistant Softball Coach

Where did you graduate from and when? Nyack College, 2001.

Did you play a sport in college? I did not play a sport here. I started out in athletics as the Women's Basketball Manager and then became an assistant coach my senior year.

Why did you choose to work at Nyack? I chose to work at my school because it is a Christian College. The job I hold is a true blessing and I want to help Nyack become better in athletics.

What other jobs have you held before this current position? My first job out of college was as a physical therapist aide. I also worked as a personal trainer in local gyms.

What is your favorite aspect of life at Nyack? I love the diversity the school offers. Nyack College is the most diverse Christian Higher Education College in the Northeast. It offers a great education and wonderful employment for those of different cultures.

Hobbies: Working out, watching my New York teams on television or seeing them in person.

Favorite Food: Curry Chicken. My mother is the best at making it. My wife is pretty good, too.

Favorite Movie: X Men 1-3.

Favorite Book:  The Bible, I read it every day.

Favorite Sports Team: New York Knicks.

Favorite Athlete: In the past, Patrick Ewing. For a current athlete I'd go with Derek Jeter.

Person You'd Most Like to Meet and Why: When I was younger I always wanted to get into coaching. I admired Pat Riley when he coached the Knicks. His hard work and style always motivated me. He was always hard on his players and motivating them to do their best. He got good results from the talented players and made less talented players believe in themselves and push them to the top as they made the finals in 1994. I'd definitely like to meet Pat Riley.

Who is your Role Model? Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

Most Exciting Sports Memory: The Mets winning the 1986 World Series. The Yankees winning the 1996 World Series. The Syracuse Orangemen winning the 2003 National Basketball Championship and when the Knicks finally got passed the Bulls in 1994. Those were all memorable moments. I am pretty much happy when New York teams win.